Six Secrets To Upcycling The Junk That’s Laying Around Your House

As a craft-lover, I’m a bit obsessive about holding on to stuff that could come in handy one day (“Oh no, don’t throw out that cardboard box! What if I need it later???”) But even I’ll admit that there are some things I just don’t quite know what to do with. For all those things that someone might consider junk, another person has figured out how to turn it into a treasure! Here are six tips on upcycling all those random items that you’ve got hanging around the house:

1. Wine Bottles –> Decorations

Saving used wine bottles helps you note the finest vintages, creates fond memories of past dinner parties and gives you an opportunity to celebrate your love of wine by creating crafts around your house. Instead of storing your old bottles in the basement, dust them off and add some pizzazz to your home with these do-it-yourself wine bottle crafts.

2. Tires –> Furniture

Old tires are the perfect material for upcycled craft projects. They’re readily available, sometimes difficult to throw out and extremely versatile when it comes to repurposing. Old tires can be transformed into kids’ toys, pet toys, outdoor planters, intriguing home decor — the possibilities are endless! You can even turn your old tires into attractive and functional furniture pieces like these.

3. Wine Racks –> Storage

Wine racks are great for storing, organizing and showcasing your wine collection. However, when you buy a larger rack, instead of throwing out the old one, you can repurpose it. Luckily, there are many cool things you can use an old wine rack for, according to Apartment Therapy. Here are a few to consider.

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