Wine racks are great for storing, organizing and showcasing your wine collection. However, when you buy a larger rack, instead of throwing out the old one, you can repurpose it. Luckily, there are many cool things you can use an old wine rack for, according to Apartment Therapy. Here are a few to consider.

Towel Holder

If your wine rack was long and vertical, you can paint it to match your bathroom and hang it on the wall. Roll up towels and place one in each holder.

Craft Storage

Use a small wine rack to store markers, pens and crayons. Place clear plastic cups in the racks and fill them with items. You can attach this rack under a cabinet or shelf so you can easily reach items.

Shoe Organizer

Move your old wine rack to your closet or mudroom and use it to hold shoes. An open wine rack allows wet shoes to dry more quickly.

Water Bottle Organization

If you have a lot of water bottles, you can use an old wine rack to corral them in one place and organize them by color or size. This makes it easy to grab one and go, according to Better Homes and Gardens.