23 Coworkers With 4 Legs Who Are Loving Work From Home Days

We may be stuck working from home, but at least it’s never boring with a pet around!

If there’s one silver lining to all of this craziness, it’s that we now get to spend more time with our families than ever before. For many people, that means sharing their workspace with their pets, which is proving to be both fun and a bit distracting! Check out how the following remote workers are learning how to navigate working with their new “colleagues.”

1.”This is the reality of WFH for pet owners.”

2. “Whatcha doin’? I help!”

3. She’s trying, alright?

4. “My buddy wanted to help when he heard I was working from home.”

5. People who already work from home are used to this sort of thing!

6. It’s not just cats and dogs, either.

7. Might want to mention this to H.R.

8. “Is it break time yet?”

9. New boss keeps giving the stink eye.

10. “Step into my office, Brad.”

11. And they say cats are aloof.

12. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

13. He is sooo fired.

14. “Talia doesn’t understand why, if I am home, am I not throwing the ball?”

15. Present and accounted for, boss!

16. Next time don’t be so slow with the kibble!

17. Employee of the year!

18. “My coworker at home isn’t adhering to social distancing techniques. Please advise.”

19. “Douglas thinks he’s doing a great job working from home. But he’s just staring at a stock image of some charts… Hes a good boy.”

20. “Work from home, they said. You’ll just be as productive. Clearly they haven’t met my dog, who requires me to hold her paws.”

21. “My new WFH assistant came in 20 minutes late without my coffee. Should I keep her?”

22. Good advice, Barley!

23. “First day not at the office. Need to set boundaries or make a proper office!”

We may not get much work done, but we’ll sure have fun trying! Just remember this is all temporary. Finding the bright side is a lot easier to do when you’ve got a furry friend or two!

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