How To Make Tiny Dancers Out Of Coffee Filters

Kids and parents love this easy DIY craft, turning everyday household items into beautiful dancers.

Now that everyone is stuck inside during the quarantine period, there is no shortage of projects that we can embark on, such as DIY (do it yourself) craft projects that allow us to turn basic household items into something that is a bit more beautiful. All it takes is a moment or two to create anything that you or your little ones dream up. If you are anything like us, you love these types of projects.

The last thing that anyone wants to do (or should do, for that matter) is to spend time meandering from one arts and crafts store to another. That’s why we are here to provide you with a helpful how-to on the creation of coffee filter dancers. So what are these dancers?

Good question. If you have a box of coffee filters in your home (and who doesn’t?), you are already halfway there. To create a dancer of your own, you will need to set aside two filters. From there, grab two pipe cleaners, a small piece of elastic, some washable markers, and a pair of scissors. The process is very easy, giving you the perfect rainy day activity to pass along to your little ones.

Permanent workers are not going to work, so the Sharpies need to be left alone during this craft. Those of us who already have children probably have plenty of washable markers in our homes. The washable part is very important because the colors will bleed more (which is important) and, let’s be real, kids and permanent markers are not a fun combo.

Make sure to marker the filters on a baking sheet to provide your children with the perfect surface for their project. Otherwise, you may have quite the mess on your hands.

No parent wants to spend time cleaning up after their children’s projects and that’s why we are offering this helpful hack. If you would like to learn more about the process of creating your coffee filter dancers, take a moment to check out the video that is provided above. Everything that you need to know is just one click away! Take a moment to pass this one along to your friends and loved ones, too.