Couple Converts Their Old School Bus Into An Adorable Tiny Home

It’s hard to believe that this little home used to be an old bus.

It wasn’t all that long ago that bigger and better was the battle cry of most people. But today, people are seeing the wisdom of living a minimal life. Perhaps that is why tiny homes have become so popular.

It can be challenging to live in a tiny home but when you see what some people are able to do with them, you might just feel as if you can make that choice. This includes what one couple in Washington, Mira and Jeremy Thompson, did when they converted an old school bus into a little home.

The tiny home, covered in cedar shake shingles, sits alongside Washington’s Key Peninsula. When you see the inside of the school bus, you suddenly realize that it is just as adorable as the outside of the bus.

It’s hard to believe that this little home used to be an old bus. With the hardwood floors, panel ceiling, and custom bed nook, the space is welcoming.

The vintage woodstove looks perfect in front of the stamped tin access wall.

The use of arched doorways makes the kitchen seem a lot bigger than it actually is. Check out the vintage refrigerator!

Hee’s a shot from the loft:

There is even a functional washroom in the tiny home.

You can see more in the video tour below.