Who Knew There Were So Many Uses for a Wine Rack? (Besides for Wine)

Yarn Storage

Yarn seems to grow and spread out when you’re not looking. Use a wine rack to organize and store yarn when you’re not using it.

Vertical Garden

Place a small flower pot in each of the racks and plant an herb. You can hang this in a spot in your home to get good sunlight.

Clutch Organizer

If you love handbags and clutches, you can store your smaller ones in a wine rack. This makes them easy to find and grab for a special night on the town.

Handy Essential Storage

Garden Gloves

Use an old wine rack to store items you can’t typically find when you need them, such as a flashlight, gardening gloves, cleaning rags and other small items. If you have a peg board in your garage, you can hang the wine rack there.

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