4 Creative Ways to Turn Old Tires Into Fabulous Furniture

Out With the Old Tires, In With the New Furniture!

Old tires are the perfect material for upcycled craft projects. They’re readily available, sometimes difficult to throw out and extremely versatile when it comes to repurposing. Old tires can be transformed into kids’ toys, pet toys, outdoor planters, intriguing home decor — the possibilities are endless! You can even turn your old tires into attractive and functional furniture pieces like these.

Tire Furniture for Outdoors

Offer to take old tires off your neighbors’ hands, and use them to create a relaxing furniture set for your patio. Each chair requires three tires, attached to a wooden frame, and heavy mesh to cover the tire openings. Pair the chairs with simple ottomans made from two stacked tires, and cover another tire with a wooden circle to make a matching table. For a colorful, contemporary style, paint the tires in vibrant colors, and opt for an oversized glass top to create the table.

Ultra-Modern Magazine Racks

Half of a tire provides easy access to your favorite books and magazines. Clean up an old tire, cut it in half, and spray paint one side in a bold color. Attach metal legs, and you have an attractive, budget-friendly storage solution. Make a magazine rack for a friend with the other tire half, or cut it in half and use the pieces as creative corner shelves.

Creative Storage Ottomans

The opening in the center of the tire is also great for storage. Attach a plywood circle to the bottom of the tire, cover the entire thing with your favorite fabric and attach legs to the base. Create a matching lid by covering a smaller circle of plywood with the same fabric. For a sophisticated touch, attach rope to the tire with superglue instead of upholstering it with fabric.

Comfy and Versatile’ Seats for Kids

Parents have repurposed old tires into kids’ swings for generations, but tires are just as much fun in the playroom. Paint a clean tire to suit your color scheme, upholster a circular lid with kid-friendly fabric to cover the hole, and you have adorable, comfortable kid-size seating with room inside for toys, books and other treasures.You can upcycle with more than just old tires; denim is another versatile material. An old denim jacket is a durable and budget-friendly choice for your tire seat cushions, or you can learn how to repurpose your old ottoman with new fabric.