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8 Beautiful Crochet Clothing Items Anyone Can Make!

For the longest time, I always thought crocheting things like cardigans and sweaters would forever be outside of my skillset. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth! Sure, there are more complicated patterns out there that are better suited for the advanced crocheters, but there are also a ton of easy to follow patterns that even beginners can do! Go ahead and check out our list of the cutest and easiest crochet clothing items!

Maxi Skirt

Isn’t this maxi skirt just gorgeous? I love the colors, the lacy pattern, and everything else about this adorable skirt! Have you ever crocheted a skirt before? I’ve worked on cardigans and wraps, but never a skirt. It’s actually surprisingly easy, and as with most crochet projects, you’ll never know how fun it is until you try! Get the full pattern and tutorial here!

Confetti Cardigan

This pattern is so simple. It’s the perfect first wearable pattern if you’ve never made one before. The back is simply rows of double crochet. That’s it! Then, you’ll work on the front panel, which is actually attached to the back. Really, this pattern is so easy to work and to understand. Go ahead and see how easy it is by checking out the tutorial here!

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