Crochet Maxi Skirt

This project is easier than you might think!

Isn’t this maxi skirt just gorgeous? I love the colors, the lacy pattern, and everything else about this adorable skirt! Hae you ever crocheted a skirt before? I’ve worked on cardigans and wraps, but never a skirt. It’s actually surprisingly easy, and as with most crochet projects, you’ll never know how fun it is until you try!

Part of what makes this project so gorgeous is the yarn used. Of course, you can use any kind of yarn you want, but this yarn is an ombre style yarn that easily transitions from one color to the next for you without you having to switch out yarn colors. In a project like this, it’s nice to be able to have some things done for you so you don’t have to worry about it!

You’ll start by chaining a circle that fits around your waist. You’ll want to make sure not to twist the chain. One easy trick to ensure your chain doesn’t twist is to keep the first chain on your hook as you keep chaining. Then, when you’ve reached the end of your chain, simply slip stitch into that first chain on your hook and you won’t have to worry about twisting! The next four rows are pretty simple – just double crocheting all the way around.

Go ahead and see what the repeating pattern is in the video below. Don’t forget to show us photos of your completed maxi skirt in the comments below! As always, happy crocheting, friends!