12 Sewing Hacks Everyone Should Know!

These are some truly game-changing tricks!

It’s no secret that we love sewing around here. Whether it’s for a stunning quilt, a fun tote bag, or a cute stuffed toy animal, sewing is by far one of the most versatile skills to have! As wonderful as it is to be able to produce so many different kinds of projects with your sewing machine, or even by hand sewing, that also means you probably run into a few issues that can be tricky to diagnose. Never fear! We have just the video for you!

In the video below, we learn 12 tips and tricks of the trade. We see how to use a common kitchen item to help make the most perfect ruffled edges, as well as how to use a zig zag stitch to create the perfect drawstring!

Is your sewing machine acting up? See the quickest and easiest way to open it up and power clean away your problems! You’ll find out some great ways to organize, store, and maintain your machine, as well as your sewing projects. Go ahead and check out these great sewing hacks below! Which one is your favorite?