Bust The Scrap Pile With This Fun Sewing Project!

These would make great gifts for any kiddos in your life!

If your craft room looks anything like mine, chances are you have a box of scrap fabric. (Or two, or three boxes, as the case may be). You’ve probably saved little scraps here and there thinking you’ll surely use them for something, right? Only, the right project just never comes up, or if it does, you don’t have quite enough of the scrap fabric, so you have to buy more and then you end up with more scraps than when you started! Or, is that just me? Anyway, we have an awesome little project for all of your tiny scraps!

The best part about this project is that it uses 100% recycled fabrics. The only “new” thing you need is some photo transfer paper, but you could even go without that if you’re extra crafty and want to embroider or draw on the stuffed plushie toy.

I just love how this turned out, and it’s such a precious gift for any little ones in your life! YOu could also make a bigger project and use these as fashionable throw pillows around the house. Let us know how you made this project your own in the comments below!