Top 10 Best Quilting Tutorials of 2016

Five Minute Quilt Block

We’ve all been there; whether it’s a last minute baby shower invite or you lost track of the weeks and realized Christmas is in 10 days (this happens to me almost every year), the fact is you need a thoughtful gift to give, pronto! Everyone needs a simple go-to block pattern, and here in this video, we’ll learn how to make a lovely three patch pattern, perfect for those last minute gifts and engagements. Watch the full tutorial here!

How To Accurately Cut Strips

We post a lot of great patterns and tutorials that call for straight, accurate strips. When you are cutting strips from yardage, the task can seem somewhat daunting; that is where the square-up technique comes into play! Mary from Quilty shows us her method for cutting straight, accurate strips in the following tutorial.

10 Minute Stunning Quilt Block

In this video, Suzanne shows us some amazing tips and tricks for creating 10-minute quilting blocks that will blow you away; we promise you will be stunned when you see the finished results!

Tools Every Quilter Needs

There are those quilting supplies that you just can’t live without and we’re not talking about obvious ones like fabric, thread, or a sewing machine, though those are all essential. If you’re just starting out or even if you’re a seasoned pro, there are a handful of must-have supplies that you’ll definitely want in your kit. Check out the full list here!