5 Must-Have Items for Your Quilting Supplies List

5 Must-Have Items for Your Quilting Supplies List

There are those quilting supplies that you just can’t live without and we’re not talking about obvious ones like fabric, thread, or a sewing machine, though those are all essential. If you’re just starting out or even if you’re a seasoned pro, there are a handful of must-have supplies that you’ll definitely want in your kit.

There are definitely more than a handful of tools and gadgets that every quilter should have, but these are some of the most important and helpful. Read below for more info!

  • Rotary CutterAn awesome tool for cutting all different kinds of fabric materials into the different shapes you need, a rotary cutter lets you quickly and accurately cut fabric with its sharp blade. It’s often more comfortable than scissors, though you’ll still need some good fabric scissors — and typically is easy to use for left- and right-handed quilters, making it very valuable for any toolkit.

    Click here to see a durable rotary cutter that’s quite precise from Fiskars. Pile O’ Fabric also suggests buying a self-healing mat so that cuts from the blade don’t permanently damage the mat.

  • A Set of Specialty RulersProper measurement is key for any quilt, which is why a solid set of rulers is integral to precise construction. We’re not talking just any ruler though, we’re also talking about rotary rulers and grids that map out different shapes and sizes. Between a traditional ruler and these specialty rulers, you’ll be set when measuring fabric.

    Click here to see a great starter pack of rulers from Omnigrid.

  • Pins (and a Pincushion)In addition to traditional quilting pins (make sure they’re sharp), it’s also a good idea to have basting pins handy (unless you want to use thread or safety pins for basting). And of course, to hold all those pins, you’ll need a cushion.

    Click here to see a really fun pattern for a pincushion that also holds eight spools of thread ñ definitely a fun project that’s also very versatile for your quilting needs!

  • Seam RipperAs Diary of a Quilter says, there’s no shame in having a seam ripper, actually, it’s quite helpful when you need to remove stitches (which happens to everyone). It can also double as a tool for cutting through tags and ties, but for quilting, the tiny and sharp tip is priceless for when mistakes pop up.

    Click here to see Dritz’s inexpensive seam ripper.

  • Iron and Ironing BoardThis helpful tip comes from About.com, and it’s a good one – beginners especially might not realize that pressing fabric can lead to more accurate piecing and a generally smoother look. Curious how to press? Click here for All People Quilt’s ten tips on pressing fabric for quilts.

Of course, the list goes way past five things – there are clips, markers, needles, mats, and even freezer papers that’ll all be part of your supply bin. These are some must-haves that’ll help make the quilting process a little easier!