Stretch Any Pair Of Pants In Just 5 Steps!

elastic pants 1
Button-hole elastic is found in a lot of children’s ready to wear pants and skirts. You can purchase this elastic and use it in clothes you make yourself or you can easily add to store-bought garments that don’t have it. This technique is sure to be a game change for you and your family’s wardrobe! We teamed up with our friends at Pacific Fabrics to bring you this easy to follow video tutorial. Get the free written directions beneath the video. What are you going to alter first?!

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1. Make two marks in the waistband of the garment where you want the elastic to start and end. Make an opening on the inner waistband at both marks.

2. Add Fray Check around the cut edges to keep fabric from fraying.

3. Sew a button in front of each opening.

4. Use an elastic lock on one end of the elastic to keep it from pulling all the way though. Pull elastic through the waist band using a bodkin until the desired fit has been achieved.

5. Place one of the button-holes in the elastic over the button that was stitched earlier. This will hold elastic in place and the waist band will fit better.

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