9 Tricks To Get Everything Organized (And Stay That Way)

What are you waiting for? Try these tips out today!

Here is the ultimate list on how to stay organized this year. I feel like I start out with the best intentions, but half way through the week I’ve littered my car with coffee cups, tangled my phone charger with my computer charger, and somehow grew another junk drawer in the kitchen. How does this happen?! Well, not anymore! With these DIY organization hacks, I’m on the road to recovery. See our tips and tricks in this list below!

Junk Drawer Makeover

We all have that one drawer in desperate need of structure and organization. Or, ya know, three or four drawers… Who’s counting, anyway? Fear the clutter no more with this DIY tutorial!

Jewelry Organizer

Raise your hand if you could use some help getting your jewelry organized! When it comes to organization, I take all the help I can get. I love when organizers and holders can be cute and functional. Enter: the picture frame ring display. The best part is, I already had all of the supplies on hand! Get the full instructions here!

Clever Ways To Organize Cords

Cell phone, laptop, mp3 player and tablet: most people have multiple gadgets plugged in at one time, and all the cords can create an unsightly desktop mess. Luckily, there are many cute and clever ways to organize the chaos and streamline your work space. See all of our cute ideas here!