Easy Junk Drawer Makeover!

We all have that one drawer in desperate need of structure and organization. Or, ya know, three or four drawers… Who’s counting, anyway? Fear the clutter no more with this DIY tutorial! Get organized and stay that way. Plus, customize your drawers for an added splash of personality and color to any room. Unlike store bought drawer organizers, this DIY version is completely customizable. For example, you could build an organizer with one section for chargers, cut holes in the cardboard divider and feed the wires through to another section where your electronics can charge! The sky is the limit here. Check out what we did in the video below and then go crazy with your own ideas!

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– Cardboard

– Tape

– X-acto knife

– Scrapbook paper

– Glue

– Tape measure

– Pen / pencil


1. Measure the drawer diagonally in 3 or 4 places, and plan the strategy for organizing.

2. Cut out the cardboard to fit according to your measurements.

3. Cover cardboard pieces in scrapbook paper. (Tip: Make sure to cut a little extra scrapbook paper to cover the fold!)

4. Once covered, simply tape the dividers into place in the drawer, and adjust to your personal preferences. Fill each section and stay on top of the junk drawer clutter!

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