Top 5 Favorite Magic Circle Crochet Projects

It’s amazing how many things we can make with this one trick!

Granny Stripe Hat

Whether it’s crocheting a bunch of tiny granny squares individually and then stitching them together or a granny rectangle afghan, you know the drill: double crochet three, chain one. This hat follows that same principle – the granny clusters and chain, all crocheted in the spaces left by the previous row. I love this tried and true crochet pattern, especially in hat form! This is the perfect project to use up some of that scrap yarn I know you have in a box somewhere. Go ahead and see how quick and easy this pattern is in this video!

Never Ending Wildflower

I just love finding crochet patterns that are a little bit challenging but still totally within the realm of my capabilities. This never-ending wildflower crochet pattern is just that – it is a tiny bit challenging, but once you figure it out, you’ll feel so good about yourself and your awesome crochet skills! I have every confidence in you, in fact, I even made a video of me figuring out this pattern and walking you through every step of the way! Get the free pattern here!

Anchor Bookmark

These bookmarks turned out so great, and they were really easy to complete! I go through bookmarks like crazy, so I’m always on the lookout for cute and simple bookmark ideas. This crocheted anchor bookmark is perfect for summer reading by the beach! Sometimes with projects like these, it’s hard to see what the final product will be like, but I promise if you follow the pattern you’ll get the hang of it soon enough! Get the free pattern here!