8 Crochet Projects You Can Make Using Only Single And Double Crochets

Believe it or not, these gorgeous projects are actually super simple!

Cocoon Cardigan

This is the perfect cardigan to wrap up in while reading by the fire, or out on a walk during a brisk fall day. Not only is this cardigan adorable, but it’s also actually really easy to make! The majority of this pattern is simply crocheting a rectangle of double crochets. Seriously, it’s that easy. There’s no multiple of stitches to start out with since it’s just double crochet, so you can make a custom fit! Once you’ve crocheted the rectangle, it’s just a matter of folding and closing the seams and finally adding sleeves. Watch a video tutorial right here!

V Neck Crochet Top

If you’re like me, you may be hesitant to jump right into crocheting a fitted garment, but this video tutorial from Moogly blog takes all the guesswork out of it. You can get the free right or left-hand pattern on the blog. Would you believe this entire top is made up of double crochets and chains? That’s right! Anyone can make this!