Give New Life To Old Jewelry In This Tutorial!

Try our easy braiding trick for a new look in minutes!

Do you have one of these curb link bracelets taking up space in the bottom of your jewelry box? Give it a makeover with this fun tutorial! It’s amazing what a little color and texture can do to give something a whole new look! Try our easy braiding method by using bobby pins. See how we did it in the video below! I love how this project turned out, plus it’s so easy and quick to do, you could change out the colors and threads with new outfits, to have a piece of jewelry that truly goes with everything.

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– Curb link bracelet

– Embroidery thread

– Bobby pins

– Scissors


1. Cut two sets of 15 strands of embroidery threads, each strand measuring 4x the length of the bracelet. Tie together, leaving a few inches of slack.

2. Attach bobby pins to both sets of threads, and lay to the left of the bracelet. Slip the bobby pin from one of the sets under the first link in the bracelet, and pull the set of threads through the chain, and lay over the top of the left side.

3. Lay the second color over the first color, and pull the second color under the same link and over the top left, using the bobby pin.

4. Repeat these steps on down the chain. Tie off, and cut fringe.