Easy And Elegant Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Between the turkey and travel plans, it’s easy to let some of the little details slip through the cracks. Make sure to check out our list of favorite centerpiece ideas for the easiest ways to class up the table for the holidays.

For more easy (and cheap) thanksgiving decor ideas, check out these dollar store ideas!

Chalk Board Basket

Adorable! You could probably find a cheap basket at the dollar store, along with a small chalk board, and throw in a few old pillar candles and there you have it! Or better yet, paint the basket with chalk board paint, and decorate with fall colored chalk.

Tiered Tray Reimagined

If you love baking treats as much as we do, chances are you have a few of these tiered trays around the kitchen. Why not spruce one up with a few small gourds and fake hydrangea bunches for a festive fall centerpiece?

Cake Stand Makeover

If you have a tiered tray, you definitely have a cake stand. Pair the two up, throw on a few gourds and leaves, a festive runner, and there you have it; centerpiece on a budget.

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