Running Out Of Garden Space? Try The Roof!

As gardeners, we are always searching for unique places to dress up with a plant or 5!

Rooftop gardening is nothing new, but it can be an exciting new adventure for anyone just starting out! Using your unclaimed roof space has been a go-to for city-dwelling gardeners who are constantly in search of more space. But even if you have vast amounts of land at your disposal, one this is for certain: as gardeners, we’re always searching for unique places to dress up with a plant or 5! Go ahead and see what rooftop gardening is all about, and see what our top 10 plant suggestions are for your next rooftop garden!

Dogwood Tree

This small tree is the perfect foundation for a rooftop garden. Each season offers new and exciting surprises for the dogwood – from white and pink blooms in spring to dark green, lush leaves in summer, and even fruit and dark reds and purple foilage in autumn. We just love the dogwoods around our house!

Blue Star Juniper

This hardy shrub is a great choice for landscaping of any kind. The blue star juniper is one of the easiest, most low maintenance plants to have around the garden. Make sure to water properly the first year to establish the plant, then your future is all set!

Dwarf Hinoki Cypress

Maxing out at just 3 feet tall, the dwarf hinoki cypress is a great container plant. It works well with lots of container combinations. As long as you keep a semi-regular watering schedule, this plant is relatively low-maintenance with very few potential problems.


If you’re looking to add a gorgeous splash of color to your rooftop garden, look no further than the astilbe. This lovely perennial stands at just over a foot and a half tall, and comes in several different vatieties and colors.


Hostas love shade and are a great way to fill up those dark corners in your rooftop. These hardy plants will live forever once they are established! The biggest issue gardeners find with hostas are that they often attract deer to the garden. But since you’ll be planting them on your roof, hopefully, you won’t have that issue!