10 Fabulous Fall Pumpkin Decor Ideas

Pumpkins: they are not just for Halloween anymore.

Marbled Pumpkins

Looking for a more non-traditional decor? This is definitely the project for you. To see a how to video, check out these marbled mugs. We used mugs instead of pumpkins, but the principle is the same!

Framed Pumpkins

Love love love this idea! It’s classy, unique, and has some cute fall colors without being overwhelming, or potentially clashing with other colors in the house.

Pallet Pumpkins

This idea is so simple, but I love it for a festive porch! You could even customize with your last name or a welcome message for guests!

Burlap Pumpkin Wreath

Yes! This wreath is perfect. I’ve been looking for an autumn wreath to replace my summer one on the front door. Jackpot!