From Drab To Dashing: 2 Minute Mug Makeover

Nail Polish Mugs
Instantly class up your kitchen with these totally fab watercolor mugs. You’ve seen the Pinterest pictures, you’ve drooled over the seemingly simple youtube tutorials, and yet – you’re hesitant to trust the internet in all of it’s photoshopped glory. I’m here to tell you the truth: These mugs are easy. And gorgeous. And you need them in your life.

Have I convinced you to try this project yet? Go ahead and watch our super easy to follow tutorial.


– Plain white coffee mug

– Plastic bowl filled with warm water

– Finger nail polish


Fill plastic bowl with warm water.

Pour desired color of nail polish directly on top of warm water. (Note: The polish should spread out across the surface of the water. If polish sinks to the bottom, try a different brand.)

Add second color of polish, if desired.

Gently swirl with toothpick, working quickly so polish does not dry.

Submerge mug in the plastic bowl, take out, and viola!

The design is resilient once dry, but if you want to make it dishwasher safe, add a coat of dishwasher-proof Mod Podge, or spray paint sealant.

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