Picking The Perfect Pumpkin: Advice From A Master Gardener

Fall is in full swing, and that means everyone is on the hunt for the perfect pumpkins. Depending on what you plan to do with your pumpkin, there are a few pro tips in selecting the right one for the right job. From pumpkin pie, to carving, and decorating, pumpkins get used a lot during this season. Make sure you’re getting the best pumpkin for your money! In the video below, you’ll find out how to check to see if the rind is solid, what length the stem needs to be to prolong shelf life, and the difference between carving pumpkins, and pie pumpkins. This is the perfect time of year to go pumpkin shopping, and after watching this video, you’ll be fully equipped to get the best pumpkin out there!

If you’re looking for decorating ideas, check out this list of 10 fabulous fall pumpkin decorating ideas!

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