Easy Machine Quilting Tricks No One Told You About

Do you ever feel like a lot of tutorials out there skip over the basics and assume you already know how to do everything? It can be maddening to watch a 20 minute tutorial, only to find they left out all the parts you actually need to get started! Well this video aims to fix that. Quilter Leah Day has several excellent tutorials available, and she walks us through step by step, as she works on whatever project is currently on her craft table. From travel stitching in the ditch, to free motion quilting circles, this eight minute tutorial really covers a lot of ground! So go ahead, grab your current project and quilt along with Leah as she talks about some of her favorite tips and techniques for machine quilting!

Still a little lost? That’s ok! Check out this beginner’s guide to the sewing machine. We’ll be here when you get back.

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