This Technique For Knitting In Multiple Colors Is A Game Changer!

With this technique under my belt, I am ready to try anything!

Have you seen this method of knitting with multiple colors? I’ve tried my hand at two colors, but I shy away from patterns that use three colors or more in one row. No more! With this technique under my belt, I’m ready to try anything! The fingerwork can take some getting used to, especially if you’re a “thrower” like me, but it’s so worth it. Once you get used to the new knitting position, you’ll never go back. It makes all knitting projects go so much faster and smoother! The key to making sure those floaters on the wrong side of the pattern don’t get out of control is simple – just twist the two colors of yarn before starting your next stitch! Watch the video below, and get inspired to tackle a new and challenging pattern!

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