10 Weird Yarn Hacks To Make Your Next Project Easier

Money saving tips, time-saving tricks, and even a way to recycle yarn from old sweaters!

We’ve got some well curated wisdom from fellow knitters and crocheters to make your next project easier and unique! From money saving tips to time-saving tricks, and even a way to recycle yarn from old sweaters – there is sure to be some game-changing advice on this list for everyone!

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Bobby Pins As Stitch Markers

Forget the stitch markers that bend and break after a few uses – grab a few bobby pins instead! Simple, durable, available. Win-win-win.

Paper Clips For Marking Patterns

If you’re like me, you really need a printed out, physical copy of any new or difficult pattern. For years I would mark up the pattern in an attempt to keep track of where I was at. Unfortunately, that proved to be very annoying when I wanted to use the pattern again. Enter: The paper clip. Yeah, it really is that simple. Just use a paper clip to mark which row you’re on.

Storage Bags For Projects

We’ve all been there: you’re at the store and you just happen to find the most perfect yarn fo that one pattern you’ve been wanting to try on Ravelry. A few weeks later you can’t find the yarn, let alone the pattern that inspired it all in the first place. Instead, print out the pattern right away and stick it in a ziplock bag. Then, when you find the right yarn, stick that in the bag too! Not only will this help keep things organized, but you can just open up your craft closet and find your next project all in one place! Love this!