Conquer The Flip-Flop Pile! 11 GENIUS Ways To Store Your Sandals


When summer rolls around, my closets and entryway end up covered in mounds of sandals and flip-flips and it’s so hard to keep them at bay! At times like these, I turn to Pinterest for help – and I wasn’t disappointed! Check out these brilliant tips and tricks to organize your sandal wardrobe quickly, inexpensively, and easily all summer long!

1. Modified Wire Hangers

You know those shoe hangers that department stores seem to always have for their immaculate racks of sandals? Yep, you can make those at home! For the true do-it-yourselfer, this project is just as rewarding as it is easy. Just imagine your closet filled with these cute, floral, curlicue hangers!

2. Child-Sized Hangers

If purchasing shoe hangers is more appealing to you than crafting them yourself, save yourself some money by purchasing or repurposing child-sized hangers instead! An extra benefit? You can use sturdy plastic hangers in any color you choose! You could even use a different color for each member of the family.

3. Shoe Baskets

Bring it back to basics with this super simple solution to that growing mound of flip-flips eating up your closet space. It’s such an easy fix, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do this AGES ago!

4. Magazine Dividers

Goodbye ugly shoe boxes! I LOVE using magazine holders throughout my home for organization, but I would never have thought of this genius hack! It clears up so much floorspace on my closet and looks cute, too. If you’re really feeling inspired, you could even make your own magazine holders out of cereal boxes!

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