FINALLY Organize The Craft Room With This Clever Hack!

This is the organization project that just keeps giving.

We’ve got about 187 little bottles of craft paint rolling around our craft room. Fabric paint, acrylic paint, jewel-toned paint, chalk paint, sparkle paint, you name it, we’ve got a half empty bottle around here somewhere. Maybe in that drawer? Or behind that other stuff on the shelf? It’s hard to keep track of everything in our over-stuffed craft room! We recently did some spring cleaning around the Crafty House studio, as you’ve seen from our magnetic mason jar organizers and DIY drawer organizationvideos. Today’s spring cleaning hack is for those little 4oz. paint bottles we’ve all got in a forgotten tub somewhere!

With just a few simple items, you can rig up this shelf! We hung it at first but decided to take it down and add a backing of cardboard to let it set on the desk for easier access. Plus, since you’ll be using only two sides of a wire shelving unit, you can use the rest of the shelves for bigger items to organize. This is the organization project that just keeps giving. See what we did in the video below, and get the written instructions beneath the video!


– Wire storage cubes

– Wooden spools

– Zip ties

– string

– Glue


1. Layer a spool, one corner of the wire storage side, another spool, and another storage side. Thread a zip tie through the spools. Secure with wire or string around each corner to keep corners strong and prevent bowing.

2. Repeat for all four corners.

3. Decorate corners with pom poms, ribbon, or other decor if wanted.

4. Hang up with the spools facing the wall.

5. Organize paints and brushes on the rack.