What’s That? A DIY Cat Toy? Tell Me More!

My cat loves to play, and if I don’t give him toys and attention, he tends to get a little mischievous. Last week at CraftyHouse, we made our very own cat toys with lots of fun embellishments! One of the best things about these toys is that they are made with a thick leather cord. They stand the test of time and sneaky kitty claws! My favorite part about this craft is that you can really add whatever you want, depending on your cat’s likes and dislikes. This version of the toy includes pom poms, felt, and fabric, but your kitty might enjoy bells, beads, and foil that crinkles. Take a look at what we did, and get inspired to do your own! Stay tuned for more pet projects here on CraftyHouse!

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– Wooden Dowel

– Leather cord

– Felt

– Fabric scraps

– String

– Fork

– Scissors

– Hot Glue

– Hole punch


Cut out shapes from felt (heart, star, circle, etc.) and punch holes at the top.

Cut fabric into 3-5 inch strips, and punch holes at the top.

Make pom poms by wrapping yarn around a fork 10-15 times, and threading both ends of the yarn through the middle prong of the fork, and tying a tight knot. **keep those strands long!** It will look like a big bow. Cut the folded in ends, and poof out to finish the pom pom.

Cut an arm length strand of the cord.

At one end of the cord, attach 3-4 strips of fabric by looping cord through the holes punched into the fabric.

Close the loop by making a small slit in the leather, and inserting one end into the slit. Secure with a dot of hot glue.

Cut another length of cord, about 8 inches long. Add on the felt pieces by looping cord through the holes punched into the felt. Close this loop by making a slit in the leather, slipping the end through and securing with a dot of hot glue.

Tie on pom poms through the leather loops for an added pop of color.

Attach the shorter cord to the longer cord by making a slit in the leather of the longer cord, and slipping the free end of the shorter cord through. Secure with a dab of hot glue.

Once all of this is assembled, wrap the free end of the longer cord around the top of the wooden dowel, making a slit in the leather and feeding the end through, securing with a dab of glue.

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