This Is The Perfect DIY Gift For The Animal Lover In Your Life!

How cute are these treat jars?! I think they turned out great, and they were surprisingly simple. The process would be even faster if you spray painted the jars! Who doesn’t love hand made presents just for their pets? I bet we all know someone who would flip a brick to get these as a gift. Of course, you could always just make them and keep them for yourself too. Watch the easy to follow instructional video below, and keep scrolling down for the full instructions. Enjoy!

While you’re waiting for the paint to dry, check out this DIY crochet catnip toy!


– Mason jar & lid

– Vinyl stickers or Vinyl adhesive roll

– Spray paint or acrylic craft paint

– Animal figurine

– Hot glue gun & glue

– Treats to fill the jar!



Find & print the images you want on the jar. (Golden retriever silhouette, stretching cat silhouette, etc.)

Trace the pictures onto vinyl adhesive roll, and cut them out.

Clean and dry the surface of the jar if it is dirty, and apply the stickers to the surface.

Once the stickers are in place, paint (or spray paint) the jar.

When the jars are completely dry, remove the stickers. Go slowly to avoid any accidental paint removal.


Select the figurine, and attach it to the lid / disk with hot glue.

Coat everything in a complementary color paint / spray paint.

Fill your jar with treats, and assemble. Enjoy giving your pets a treat from this classy jar!

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