DIY Minion Goggles For Your Little One!

Are you in need of a cheap, quick, and easy halloween costume for your little one this year? We’ve got the absolute perfect DIY for you: Minion Goggles!! Because who doesn’t want to be a minion for halloween?! All you need to complete the outfit is a pair of blue overalls, and your child will be all set to go out into the world and gather some candy for you to snack on. Er, I mean to go trick-or-treating (wink, wink). Go ahead and check out this tutorial, and see just how simple it is to put together a last minute costume. For more cheap DIY kids costumes, see our list of 12 costumes on a budget.

If you have more time on your hands, you make want to go all out for this Arc Reactor from Iron Man!

Cheap, quick, and easy DIY Minion goggles for my kid’s Halloween costume.

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