Fun Ways to Reuse Plastic Animal Figurines!

Has Your Child Outgrown Those Animal Figurines? Recycle Them as Crafts!

When your kids outgrow their plastic animal figurines, you can easily repurpose them into household crafts rather than putting them in a yard sale or donating them to charity. With a little imagination, these ordinary animal figurines can come in very handy around the household.

Refrigerator Magnets

Hollow plastic animals make great refrigerator magnets. Cut each animal in half with a sharp pair of scissors. Glue a plastic bottle cap inside the animal where you made the cut, and make sure the cap is aligned with the back of the animal. Glue a small magnet onto the bottle cap, and you’re done in no time.

Door Stops

Glue a plastic animal figurine to a small, rubber door stop, and then spray paint over the entire contraption to make a stylish way to hold open the front, back or bedroom door anywhere in your house. Make sure the figurine is small enough to glue to the original door stop. Leave enough room for the wedge to fit under the door as well.

Elephant Ring Holder

The long trunks on elephants make great ring holders. Glue the feet of the elephant to the inside of a plastic bowl. The bowl serves as a sturdy base for the jewelry holder. Paint the elephant and the bowl to match. Let the entire assembly dry, and then you have a new ring holder for your dresser. Other animals with long necks or horns work for this as well, so think of giraffes, long-necked dinosaurs or maybe rhinos.