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10 Reasons Why Reading Might be the Best Activity for a Healthy Body and Mind

Develop a love for reading beginning now and you can reap many benefits. Whether you prefer reading books on paper or e-readers, reading stimulates your brain in a way that television cannot. These 10 benefits of reading every day will have you looking forward to cracking open your next read.

10. Keeps the Brain Young

Aging can have a negative effect on the brain and decreases its function. Adults who read regularly reduce this decline by 29 percent. They are also 2 1/2 times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease.


9. Reduces Stress

A well-written book can take the reader to far away lands or introduce him or her to new characters who offer new perspectives and experiences.


8. Improves Writing Skills

The best writers are avid readers. Reading helps improve vocabulary and sentence structure. Writers should read for the same reasons musicians should listen to music and painters should view paintings.


7. Increases Tranquility

Reading can increase your inner peace. Reading spiritual books is shown to reduce blood pressure while self-help books can give you hope and tools for change.


6. Makes Workouts More Interesting

Many exercise machines at the gym have a book ledge. Users who place a book on that ledge during their workout tend to work longer. When reading on an exercise machine, be sure to keep a correct posture.


5. Inspires Empathy

Books allow readers to see situations through the eyes of others. The things learned through the experience of imaginary characters can be applicable to real life. As a result, a reader’s sense of empathy can grow.


4. Brightens the Day

Even if the novel does not have a happy ending, scenes within it help to bring back warm memories from your past. These warm memories can help lift your spirits.


3. Saves Money

Practically everyone within the United States has access to a public library. Get a card and read books at no cost, as long as you return them on time.


2. Reaches Life Goals

The courageous actions of book characters can help readers gain the courage to make positive changes in his or her life.


1. Improves Cognitive Skills

Some readers are able to solve mysteries before reaching the conclusion of the book. Improvements in analytical skills can help progress a career.


Learn More About the Science of Reading

The speed at which you read can determine how much you enjoy reading. Learn more about the science behind reading and test your reading speed here.


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