10 Uses For Nail Polish Around the House

Nail Polish Is for More Than Just Manicures, It’s Also Useful Around the House


When you open the drawer in your bathroom, do you see bottles of nail polish that you haven’t touched for months or maybe even years? You don’t like the colors anymore, but you feel guilty throwing away perfectly fine nail polish so you bury them away. The good news is you can still put them to use around the house.

1. Thread a Needle

If you want to push a thread through the eye of a needle easily, apply a little bit of nail polish to the tip of the thread.

2. Tighten a Screw

Apply some nail polish over the top of a screw before you tighten it can keep the screw from loosening.

3. Color your Keys

According to Good Housekeeping, you can also color your keys using nail polish of different colors to make them easily identifiable.

4. Stop a Run on Tights

Have a small hole in your tight? Apply a little bit of clear nail polish to it can stop the run from spreading.