10 Uses For Nail Polish Around the House

Nail Polish Is for More Than Just Manicures, It’s Also Useful Around the House


5. Prevent Rusting

Paint the bottom of metal containers with nail polish to prevent them from rusting and leaving ugly rust rings on a surface.

6. Renew Cheap Jewelry

Cheap jewelry tarnishes after a while. A coat of clear nail polish brings them back to life.

7. Seal Envelopes

Instead of glue or saliva, use nail polish to seal envelopes.

8. Tame Frayed Fabric

Dab a small amount of nail polish on frayed fabric before things get worse.

9. Fill Scratches on Wooden Surface

Paint nail polish on a wooden surface, such as wooden floor, to cover minor scratches.

10. Fix a Cracked Windshield Temporarily

Before you have time to take your car to the shop to repair the small windshield crack, dab some clear nail polish on the crack to prevent it from further cracking. According to Reader’s Digest, you should apply nail polish on both sides of the windshield.