Crooked. Stacked. Flowers. Because Normal Pots Are So Overrated.

Take your garden decor skills to the next level with this awesome project!

Take your garden decor skills to the next level with this awesome project! It’s actually quite simple, all you need are some terra cotta pots, flowers to plant, and a rebar. The trick is to get the angle of the pots just right, so they aren’t smashing the flowers in the pots below. Once you get into the groove of stacking and planting, this DIY really comes together quickly. And just look at the results! We love it! Go ahead and see how we did it, then feel free to customize your stack however you want – plant & label herbs, add a birdbath on top, whatever you want!

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– 1 8” tall terra cotta pot for the base

– 4 6” tall pots

– 1 4-5” tall pot

– Potting soil & flowers or herbs

– Rebar **(to be cut in store or with a hacksaw at home. To determine the length of rebar, measure the height of all the pots, and add 24”. With the suggested pots, this would be about 60”, may want to add a few more inches to be safe)**

– Spray paint primer & color(s)


1. Prime & spray paint all of the pots. Let dry.

2. Pound the rebar into the ground with a hammer, at least 2 feet down.

3. Start with the 8” pot at the bottom, fill with soil.

4. Thread the 4 6” pots onto the rebar. Alternately tilt each pot from right to left, filling with soil as you go.

5. Keep layering pots till you reach the end. Pound the rebar into the ground further if needed.

6. Plant flowers and enjoy!