Is This The Coolest Way To Create An Herb Garden? Absolutely.

Looking for a unique garden DIY project? We’ve got just the thing! This stacked herb garden is one of our favorite projects to date – and just look at how amazing it turned out!! What’s not to love about an afternoon spent out in the garden, creating a beautiful way to enjoy fresh herbs? You can customize this planter any way you want, from using one pot per herb and stenciling the name on the outside of the pot, to using multiple herbs per layer to maximize space like we did; the sky is the limit here, literally. Get inspired from our easy to follow tutorial below, and get the step by step instructions beneath the video.


– 7 flower pots (1 extra large, 2 large, 4 medium)

– Spray paint

– Flowers or herbs and potting soil

– Optional: signs to label each layer


1. Prime and paint all of the pots. Let dry.

2. To stack the pots: Start with the XL pot on bottom. Turn one medium pot upside down, and place in the center of the XL pot. Pour in potting soil, and stack the Large pot, right side up, on top of the medium pot. Repeat until you have the desired number of layers.


3. Plant herbs or flowers, label as necessary. Enjoy!


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