Think Crochet Coasters Can’t Be Fancy? These 6 Patterns Are Almost Too Pretty To Use!

From simple and classic to elegant and colorful, let this list of our favorite coaster patterns inspire your next project!

Ah, the coaster; it plays such an important part of our gatherings (and protects our beautiful furniture!), yet is so often underappreciated. It’s time the coaster got the proper respect it so desperately deserves. We’ve compiled a list of some of our favorites – feel free to make a few and use them up! You could also make a nice stack, tie them up with a ribbon and share with a dear friend or family member as a gift; we just know they will absolutely love them too.

Basic Coaster Patterns

Basic Round Coasters

Trisha from Craftigami shows us how to make these fun and simple little coasters in the following tutorial. Since the pattern is fairly basic, get creative if you try it! We’d love to see your color combinations, or any different types of stitches you may use!

Granny Circles

You’ve heard of the granny square, but what about the granny circle? The granny circle is also called a round granny, so you may have heard of it by that name, and it is a great alternative! Check out the following video tutorial from Jayda InStitches, and give it a shot for yourself! We know you are going to absolutely love learning this new technique.

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