Think Crochet Coasters Can’t Be Fancy? These 6 Patterns Are Almost Too Pretty To Use!

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Elegant Flower Pattern

Think coasters can’t be fancy? These adorable flowers will make you think twice! Thanks to this great tutorial from Expression Fiber Arts, it’s finally time for the coaster to shine! In the video below, Chandi shows us how to make this simple (yet beautiful) flower coasters. They’re elegant enough for any event, and since they’re so easy, you can make as many versions as you like.

Pretty Crochet Doily

These gorgeous coasters are almost too pretty to use! Coasters are so unappreciated, yet they are so important (especially in the summer, with all of those ice cold drinks on our furniture). In the following video tutorial from Wooly Wonders Crochet, you will learn how to make a simple coaster that is so pretty, you almost will not want to use it!

Do you love incorporating flowers and colors into your designs? Check out the next page for two more beautiful coaster ideas!