Give Your Old CDs New Life As A Flower Pot!

Pro-tip: different CD / DVD formats have different color tones. Experiment with gradients!

It’s time to dig up the old N*SYNC CDs and AOL free trial disks and turn them into beautiful mosaic works of art! I love that this project uses recycled materials to transform an ordinary, boring planter into a shiny, new and beautiful planter!! A true win-win. Pro tip: blank DVD-Rs and blank CDs have a slightly different color tones – notice the purple and the silver in the finished product. Experiment with different colors and gradients! See what we did in the video below, and get inspired to try one out for yourself.

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– 3-4 old CDs

– Scissors or tin snips

– Tacky glue

– Terra cotta flower pot

– Black dimensional fabric paint


1. Cut the CDs into pieces with varying sizes and shapes.

2. Working in small sections, attach the CD pieces to the pot with tacky glue. Make sure to leave a little space in between each piece.

3. Once everything is dry, fill in the spaces between CD pieces with the black fabric paint.