Turn Your Old CDs Into Works Of Art!

For everyone who has been holding onto their CD collection thinking that one day there will be a use for them… Today is that day!

Remember way back in the day before Pandora, Spotify, and iTunes? Instead of streaming, we used these things called “CDs” to listen to music. They were also used for free trials of AOL. Chances are, you have a pile of these guys collecting dust in a closet somewhere. Maybe you even have a fancy organizer book where you keep all of your CDs, and you’ve been holding onto them thinking that maybe one day you’ll find a use for them. Today is that day. In this fun and easy DIY, you will see how to transform your pile of questionable music choices into magical, shimmering art! These would be a fun decoration for the music room, or in a kid’s room. Check out what we did in the video below, and get inspired to make your own works of art!

Share a photo of your completed CD art in the comments below, and you could be featured in our next article!


– CDs

– Acrylic color (preferably a dark color)

– Paint brush

– Pencil

– A sharp point to scrape off paint (screwdriver, the end of a tiny paintbrush, etc.)


1. Paint the CDs on the shiney side and let them dry completely.

2. Draw a design with pencil on the dried paint

3. Scratch off the paint along the outline of the design using a sharp edge. Don’t scratch too hard or else you’ll damage the shiny coating of the CD.