Discover The Best Ways to Prepare Any Surface for Paint!

From ceramics to laminate we’ve got you covered!


Sanding first is a must to get a smooth finished project. Use 150 grit sandpaper or down to 80 grit if there’s a slick varnish on top. Then you’ll want to thoroughly remove any dust with a damp cloth.

Priming is essential to get a smooth and long-lasting finish for your project. Apply primer with a roller or foam brush (the latter is especially useful for getting into all the nooks and crannies of a piece that has lots of details). If there are any drips then sand those away before moving on to the next step.

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Using a foam roller apply 2-3 coats thin coats of satin finish or higher paint. The glossier the finish the easier it will be to clean your finished piece down the road!

Next, protect your hard work with a clear topcoat of water-based topcoat. Oil-based topcoats will yellow over time and are intended for use on bare wood or over stain.

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