Bummed About Back To School? These 4 Easy DIYs Will Change Your Attitude!

It can be SO OVERWHELMING to get the kids excited, or even just ready, for the school year. There’s always a last-minute scramble for new school supplies, cute trendy outfits and accessories, and finishing up that summer reading assignment. In my house, we try to dedicate the last few weeks before school starts to reorganize, create shopping lists, and mentally prepare for the coming madness. And we pretty much always fall a little short of this organizational goal, so in times like these, I turn to Pinterest for some last-ditch ideas to create some cool school supplies for the kiddos!

1. DIY Rainbow Watercolor Backpack

What’s more fun than a watercolor backpack? My kids have so much stuff to lug around that they deserve something they’ll actually enjoy carrying.

2. DIY Button Bookmarks

These are so cute!! My kids’ teachers usually have them underline or put post-it notes near important passages in their books. These cute-as-a-button (pun intended) bookmarks will do the job even more prettily!

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