Did You Know You Could Put Aspirin On Your Tomato Plants?!

Check out the other 9 gardening tips every green thumb should know!

You read that right. Dissolve 1 regular Aspirin (325 mg) in one gallon of water, and spread this mixture over your tomato plants for an easy way to control fungus! Check out the other super helpful tips in the video below. We discover how to enrich soil and troubleshoot problem plants. Calcium deficient? Try egg shells! Magnesium deficient? Try Epsom salts! Go ahead and watch for the rest of these awesome gardening tips.

Some of these tips might be for the more advanced gardener. If you’re still a novice, never fear! Here are a few of our favorite gardening hacks for beginners. No matter where you’re at in cultivating your gardening skills, we’ve got some helpful advice for you!

Is there anything missing from this list? What are your favorite tips for rich, healthy soil no matter the situation? Add your voice to the comments below!