9 Trendy Houseplants You Need In Your Life

#5 is on my list of top favorite houseplants!

If you’re anything like me, your home decor goes through phases. Sometimes I like the minimal look – clean edges, no nicknacks to clutter up counter space, a few big statement pieces of art but not much else. Other times, I like the eclectic boho chic look with lots of fun artwork and a homey, comfortable feel to everything. No matter which decorating phase I’m in, I know that houseplants will never go out of style! These nine houseplants are super popular right now, and it’s easy to see why! Go ahead and find your next plant on this list!

String Of Pearls

You can grow String Of Pearls indoors or out, and no matter where they hang, they are sure to be a conversation starter! These hanging succulents are so fun to look at. It’s easy to see how this plant got its name. These plants are super easy to grow and can endure both heat and chilly temperatures. They like sunlight, but not direct light. As with most succulents, you only need to water every 7-10 days.

Snake Plant

If you’re nervous about your ability to take care of a houseplant, the snake plant is definitely the plant for you. These plants seem to thrive when you ignore them, so if you travel a lot this is the perfect plant for you! Just place your snake plant in indirect sunlight and make sure the soil dries in between watering. Be careful not to wet the leaves when watering.

Kentia Palm

This beautiful plant goes a long way in creating a tropical oasis no matter what the climate. While the initial purchase of the palm tree can be a little pricey, it will last a long time with very little maintenance on your end. These hardy plants thrive in many conditions as long as they have well-draining soil and don’t get overwatered.