9 Trendy Houseplants You Need In Your Life

#5 is on my list of top favorite houseplants!


This succulent is another easy plant to care for and is great for adding a pop of green to tabletops, cubicles, or really any little space that needs some sprucing up! These plants do like a lot of sunlight, about 4-6 hours a day. They require a little more water than most succulents, so don’t let them dry out completely. Jade plants will last a long time and you can propagate them and have yourself a nice little jade family!

Fiddle Leaf Fig

This gorgeous tree is so popular right now, and it’s easy to see why! The fiddle leaf fig likes to be kept in indirect light, and you only have to water it once the top inch of the soil is dry. As this plant grows, you can either re-pot in a bigger pot or trim the root ball by 20% to keep in the same size. These plants are so chic and they look good wherever they are!


My very first house plant was a cactus. I kept it alive for two whole months before killing it my overwatering it and getting the wrong kind of pot. It’s important to not overwater these plants, which makes sense, seeing as their natural habitat is a desert. However, it’s equally as important to get the right kind of well-draining soil and a pot that drains easily as well.