9 Ways To Wrap Presents That Don’t Involve Wrapping Paper at All

If you’re in a pickle then these ideas can be a lifesaver!

Whether you want to save money, add unique flair to gifts, or help cut down on wasteful paper usage, wrapping with creative materials can be a great solution for the holidays or birthdays. Not only are these thoughtful wrappingsa beautiful addition to the tree, they are perfect if you find yourself in a pinch when you’ve run clean through all your wrapping paper. Have a look at these 9 ways wrap a present without wrapping paper. And. check at the end for a special bonus idea.

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9) Vintage Scarf

The bright and vibrant designs of vintage ladies scarves add so much color to your gifts. They can sometimes be found in thrift stores for only a dollar or two and this type of wrapping would be well appreciated by your loved ones who can’t get enough of the vintage aesthetic.

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8) Tea Towel

Using a tea towel as the wrapping paper is a perfect way to finish a kitchen-themed gift. But, this really would work for many different types of gifts and is a handy little add-on to the gift. Or, for the DIYer in your life a lovely piece of fabric or a fat quarter would be an excellent wrapping.

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7) Sweater Gift Bag

Made from old sweaters, this is the perfect way to reuse a sweater which has fought its last battle. Get the tutorial here.

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6) Homemade Gift Bag

You basically only need two rectangles of scrap fabric and some ribbon or string to complete these simple, yet one-of-a-kind bags for your loved ones. They’re re-useable and just a lovely treat if you have the time to make them. Directions here.

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