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9 Ways To Wrap Presents That Don’t Involve Wrapping Paper at All

5) Paper Grocery Bags

Cut into the right size and then wrapped inside out and tied with butcher’s string or ribbon, they can lend a lovely rustic look to the wrapping. Leftover brown craft paper from DIY projects also is wonderful for this purpose.

4) Newsprint Gift Bag

Yes, you can use newspaper to make your own paper gift bags. Find out all the details right here.

3) Comics

This is an old trick, but you can use the funnies section of the newspaper as wrapping paper. This one never disappoints!

2) Wallpaper

Use up that old wallpaper and add some ribbon to make it appropriate for the occasion. Since wallpaper can be quite thick, you’ll need to be more exacting with you cutting and taping, but the results can be quite stunning.

Mappable Wrapping

You can use an old car atlas or a map as wrapping paper for a unique look that will become a lovely part of the overall presentation.

Bonus: Ribbons Galore

If you do happen to have wrapping paper scraps you can use them for ribbons. Cut the paper into strips and then curl with one end of your scissors for flourish (just like you would with plastic ribbon). You can also use the strips to create those elaborate bows like the ones that come pre-made, but with none of the expense. See how in the video below.

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