4 Insanely Clever Mason Jar Hacks!

If you pack lunch for a little one, you need to check these out!

I love these ideas! Not only are these some great ways to use mason jars, but we get a few ideas on how to reuse some of those small plastic containers I know you have sitting around the house. This really is a game changer for anyone out there who packs lunches every day. Instead of using a million small Tupperware containers or even worse, ziplock bags, try these lunch hacks instead!

These containers aren’t just good for lunchtime; they come in handy for road trips, snacks, picnics, and camping. They’re also amazing for keeping ingredients separate that would get soggy if they were packed together (like chips and dip, cheese and crackers, and granola and yogurt). Snacks have never been so tasty!

Check out these awesome ideas for food storage in the video below. Want more ways to use your mason jars? See our 4 ways to bake in a mason jar!